iCIMS SEO Case Study

Past employer: iCIMS


  • SEO Analyst II – Aug 2018 – Apr 2019

  • SEO Analyst I – Mar 2017 – Aug 2018

Industry: Technology Software for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Marketing

Industry Leader

Multiple Locations: Holmdel, NJ & London, UK

Website: icims.com

Marketing Website Challenges – icims.com

Main technical SEO issues affecting the site:

  • Organic traffic was not growing.

  • The link profile had toxic links and spam domains within it.

  • Referring domains that were providing inbound links were growing very slowly.

  • Content was competing for the same keywords across the site.

  • The page title, meta description, and h tags had issues across all content types.

  • Canonical URLS were not in place across thousands of pages.

  • There was no keyword strategy.

  • There was no keyword tracking.

  • The internal linking strategy was over optimized.

  • There was no overarching content strategy for the site.

  • A content audit for brand voice and relevance had not happened in years.

  • The brand had gone through multiple brand refreshes without redirecting URLs.

  • The brand had 4 thousand redirects, with had not been audited for relevance in years.

  • Page speed was down for both mobile and desktop versions of the site.

  • Product pages were at risk of being hit with the Google Panda algorithm for very lite content.

  • The website was not set up for Bing and Yahoo, only Google.

  • There were hundreds of PDFS that were indexed that were supposed to be NOINDEX and gated.

2017 & 2018 Expected Outcomes:

  • The cleanup of the technical and on-page SEO issues affecting the website.

  • That I would establish a working relationship with the different content teams.

  • That keyword research, content briefs, and content strategy would be used monthly for the content teams.

  • 2017 & 2018 Referring Domains providing inbound Links KPI – An increase of referring domains by 10.00% year-over-year.

  • 2017 Organic Traffic KPI – To maintain the prior year organic traffic level in 2017 as I cleaned up the site.

  • 2018 Organic Traffic KPI – An increase of organic traffic by 10.00% year-over-year. Initially, this KPI was a 2.0% increase, but was raised when I blew past the goal in Q1 of 2018.

SEO had not been addresses on this site for several years.

The SEO issues on icims.com were a pre-existing problem prior to my arrival.

Why did they select me as the SEO subject matter expert for the iCIMS marketing department?

Unlike other candidates, I performed a manual SEO audit that demonstrated the issues affecting the site for technical issues, on-page SEO, and off page SEO.

How did I approach this challenge?

The challenge was larger than the issues associated with the SEO audit, as it also included SEO education, SOPS, and working with multiple stakeholders across different departments, all the way up to the CMO.

The key to the success of the SEO strategy, was flexibility and time management.

What was the solution?

I used a holistic approach that maximized my time while working with web developers, the content teams, and performing On-page SEO, and link building.

Technical and On-Page SEO Cleanup

It took six months in 2017 to fix the main issues that were affecting the site.

What was the timeline?

My timeline was to show improvements on a quarter-over-quarter basis, and in addition, year-over-year improvement.

The strategies were based on work being completed on a monthly basis but also had to include new updates to sections of the site as these occurred across teams.

2017 Year End Results

  • I maintained the 2016-year organic traffic level, which was my organic traffic KPI.

  • I exceeded the referring domains KPI of 10% with an increase by: 7.75%. For a total increase of: 17.75%

2017 Referring Domains

2018 SEO Migration

During Q1 and Q2 of 2018, I developed the SEO migration strategy to move off Drupal and onto Symfony, after I was informed of the move.

This strategy allowed me to find issues that could break the site during the SEO migration. I also set SEO requirements for a new custom CMS based upon stakeholder access.

Due to a very deep dive into potential issues, the site did not lose traffic or rankings after the SEO migration.

2018 Year End Results:

  • I exceeded the referring domain KPIs of a 10% increase by 11.15%. The total increase was: 21.15%

  • I exceeded the Year-over-Year (YoY) organic traffic KPI increase of 10.00% by 9.66% for a total organic traffic increase of 19.66%.

  • The 19.96% increase of organic traffic translates to 41,297 extra users.

  • Organic traffic on the Hiring Insights blog was up 15.72% YoY due to providing keyword research to the writers who were blogging.

2018 Referring Domains

2017 – 2019 Keyword Growth

  • I increased the amount of keyword in Google’s search engine results (SERPS) by 85.71% YoY.

Meeting And Exceeding KPIS

What benefits did iCIMS see because of my work?

  • Additional organic traffic QoQ and YoY.

  • A substantial increase of new users from organic traffic.

  • Increased keyword rankings.

  • Sales opportunities from completed form fills increased from organic traffic.

Professional Recommendation from My Manager At iCIMS

I like to refer to the work that Matt performed while at iCIMS as content engineering. He meticulously went through years of content, URLs, redirects, etc. and created a sustainable SEO program delivering results for the business while at iCIMS.

Additionally, Matt was proactively seeking what’s next for the business in terms of our content strategy and digital property architecture.

Matt is passionate about his field of expertise and stays on top of meaningful trends. I recommend Matt to work on any digital team that has a results-oriented mindset.