The benefits of a podcast one-sheet

In this post, we talk about the benefits of using a podcast one-sheet to pitch yourself as a guest for podcasts.

What is a podcast one sheet?

A podcast one sheet, sometimes known as a podcast sheet, is a group of information used to pitch an expert to be a guest on a podcast show. This information is critical for conveying your expertise and experience. It helps to show your foundation and why you would be a great guest on a show alongside the pitch that is being made. Ultimately, this information helps support what value you bring to the show you are pitching.

What is a traditional podcast one-sheet?

A traditional podcast one-sheet is a PDF. PDF one-sheets can be great for conveying style and flair around who you are as a podcast guest.

However, PDFs are not mobile-friendly. Users who try to view these PDFS on mobile devices and tablets can have issues with seeing the content within the dimensions of the viewport of their devices.

What is a mobile responsive podcast one-sheet?

A mobile responsive podcast one sheet is a responsive webpage that displays your podcast one sheet information in the different dimensions of the devices that are viewing the data.

This type of podcast one sheet is mobile-friendly.

Why should you consider using a mobile responsive one-sheet vs a PDF one-sheet?

Podcast hosts are people just like you and me. We need to think about when and where they might be opening your email for a podcast pitch. If they are out and about, they may be more responsive to your podcast guest pitch, if they can easily see your one-sheet’s information, instead of having to try to scale a PDF in a mobile browser.

This can help in your podcast pitch.

What information should be included in your podcast one-sheet?

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your bio as a description
  3. Interview location availability.
  4. Your country
  5. Gender
  6. Job Title
  7. Languages Spoken
  8. Contact Email for pitches.
  9. A headshot image.
  10. A responsive headshot URL
  11. Awards
  12. Certifications.
  13. Your law firm’s name.
  14. Your law firm’s address.
  15. Your law firm’s phone number.
  16. Your business email.
  17. Your Skype address.
  18. Your website.
  19. A lead magnet URL if applicable
  20. Social Profile URLs
  21. Review Platform URLs
    • Law Firm – Google Business Profile
    • Law Firm – BBB Profile
    • Law Firm – Yelp Profile
  22. Law Oline Profiles (Allowing Reviews) – Think Avvo, Martindale Hubbell
  23. Topics you can discuss (10+)
  24. Interview Questions Podcast Hosts Can Ask (10+)
  25. Recent Podcast Appearances URLs

How can a one-sheet help you with podcast guesting pitches?

The one sheet should back up your podcast pitch on the topics you are qualified to speak on as an expert, as well as some sample questions.

Your pitch should be tailored toward the podcast’s premise you are pitching, and how it will naturally fit into helping the podcast audience.

Podcast one-sheet example.

Here is my podcast one-sheet as an example:

You can see that I have most of the required fields filled out.  In this example, I am only missing a Lead Magnet.

How can podcast one-sheets support an integrated marketing campaign?

Podcast interviews provide you the opportunities to expand your marketing through the multiple channels:

Links to lead magnets within podcast show notes and YouTube video descriptions can help you build your email list through lead magnet opt-ins.

We can better understand lead magnet traffic by using a UTM tracking URL, that we provide the podcast host for the lead magnet.  This will then be delineated within your website analytics software.

After your interview with the podcast host, you can ask for a review of your business on one of the listed business review platforms on your one-sheet, or if you are hosting a podcast, you can ask the podcast host to review your podcast on a top podcast syndication platform: Apple/iTunes, Spotify, etc.

You can get hyperlinks back to your assets on your site: Lead Magnets, relevant blog posts, or pages. These hyperlinks are also known as backlinks. The website they are on is known as the referring domain.

This means, we know the visitors to your lead magnet came from which website and can be delineated to the podcast episode you were a guest on.

What are some other uses for podcast one-sheets besides helping pitch you as a guest to podcast hosts?

In this section, we discuss how a podcast one-sheet can help:

Google better understands who you are as an entity through Person Schema and SameAs Schema.

Support your business name as a business citation for Local SEO rankings.

Support the indexation of backlinks on episodes, you were a guest on.

How does using schema help you with a one-sheet?

Using Person Schema and SameAs Schema on your podcast one sheet helps Google connect the dots to who you are across different third-party properties: social media profiles, 3rd party website author bios, and podcast interviews.

Sometimes Google has trouble understanding which personal profile to give the most authority to, across an individual’s social media, author bios, mentions, author profiles, guest posts, and more.

Sometimes Google does not understand that these different URLs are the same individual. This means you could be competing with yourself to be seen as an authority.

By marking them up with SameAS Schema on a page with Person Schema, you can help showcase your expertise..

What is Person Schema?

Persona schema is a markup in a web page’s code, which helps Google understand who an individual is.

What is SameAs schema?

SameAs schema is a markup in a web page’s code, which helps Google understand the identity from a separate URL from another website.

How can you use schema with a podcast one sheet?

Add Person Schema to a one-sheet.

Connect all your social profiles third-party author bios, and podcast interview URLs with SameAs schema so Google understands that these URLs are also yours. This helps Google to understand better who you are as an entity.

Update your one-sheet after each podcast interview is published with links to each completed podcast interview with SameAs Schema.

How do one-sheets support Local SEO rankings?

Business citations help to support the location of your business for Local SEO.

You should display your business information exactly how it is shown in your Google Business Profile.

The information Google uses for this is:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone

How can your one-sheet updates help with backlink indexation?

When a podcast guest interview is published, there is no guarantee that the links in the show notes will be indexed within Google.

To help with this, you update the podcast one sheet with new podcast guest interviews that get published.

When Google re-crawls your podcast one-sheet, their bots crawl the links to all of your podcast guest interviews.  This helps in getting these backlinks indexed in Google.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links from 3rd party websites, that link back to your content.

Where can you find your podcast guest interview backlinks?

With podcast guest interviews, the backlinks would come from podcast episode show notes, or YouTube podcast video descriptions.

Tools To Identify Podcast Guest Interview Backlinks:

  • Google Search Console > Links > External Links – (FREE TOOL)
  • Ahrefs > Site Explorer > Backlink Profile – (PAID TOOL)

How can backlinks help you rank in Google?

Backlinks are a top-ranking factor in Google.

Google looks at links as a vote from a 3rd party website towards your URL’s content.

Google looks for the topical relevance between the pages and websites that are being linked together.

This is why podcast guest interviews can help because the content is subject matter expert content.

To learn more about backlinks, consider listening to these podcast episodes:

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