Lockrmail Case Study

In this case study we look at how Offer Fuel helped lockrmail recover from a hack to a staging site.

Manual SEO Audit Findings

During some SEO consulting, where we completed a manual SEO audit of the Loc.kr brand, we found that an old staging site on a sub-domain had been hacked.

At the time, the Loc.kr brand was not aware of the situation.

The hack appeared to be in an Asian language and appeared to be set up in an ecommerce fashion.

This hack had the potential to effect the reputation of the top level domain: lockrmail.com, and depending on how the brand’s hosting was set up, their other site loc.kr as well.

At the time, of the SEO audit, we did not want to click on any links, as there was the possibility of malware. 

Staging Site Lockrmail Hack Example

Steps we took to resolve the hack

Our Happy Client

Matt was incredibly helpful assisting us with a recent vulnerability on our site that was impacting our search results. He identified the issue and was able to outline clear steps to resolve it. We were able to do so quickly and efficiently, while ensuring no impact on our SEO strategy moving forward. We are looking forward to collaborating with Matt on more projects!

Jenny Hagan

Jenny Hagan

Head of Operations, loc.kr

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